Lately I have been in a reading mood…personal reading that is. Honestly this craving couldn’t have come at a worse time being that it is the end of the semester and right now it is much more important and wise to be reading school related material than to be distracted by a good book that I just don’t want to put down!

I am reading an awesome book right now, called The Soloist by Steve Lopez, I don’t want to give away what it is about but I highly recommend it! (It is also a movie but I have enjoyed the book much more)

I have found myself trying to find any spare minute to read it and unfortunately I have had to put it aside for a few days to focus on more important things but I am desperately looking forward to picking it up again soon! Not to sound corny but I personally think reading is good for the soul and if you haven’t made time for it lately or have never really enjoyed it I encourage you to make time again or to give it a try!

Needless to say over my Christmas break I will be treating myself to a lot of reading time, I already have a few books in mind and I am also excited because my grandma will be in town for a couple of weeks and she loves to read as well so I will even have a reading buddy!

So get ready, set and go to the library or bookstore and find a good book to get lost in…

P.S. A couple of my other favorites are The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, The Shack by William P. Young and One Fry Short by Tim Passmore