Things are Getting Crazy

We are well into the second half of the semester, and things are heating up as we near the end. The week Robert Olen Butler came to campus felt like the semester’s hump for me, but things continue to get even more hectic. I am sure we all feel the same way.

Currently, I am focusing hard on Elektraphrog, SCF’s online literary magazine. Producing a magazine always gets rough the closer we get to publication. Tasks include: finalizing publishing decisions; creating web pages; emailing submitters with our decision to publish their work or not; finalizing the web pages; editing/proofreading published submissions; and hosting a party for staff, faculty, and contributors. It gets rough, but I love doing this stuff. For anyone who is interested in taking the Journalism course and producing a magazine, search for the course titled, ‘Journalism 1440L.’ I am finishing up the second level of the

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course this semester, as Editor in Chief for the second time. I will participate in the production, but not take the actual course, in the Spring. If you wish to participate, please feel free to sign up. It is a one credit course as we meet only once a week for one hour (Wednesdays 12 -1pm).