Where did this semester go?

The end of the semester has come upon us again. This past couples of weeks have been crazy and the next couple of weeks will probably be even crazier. At the end of each semester I feel like I have senioritis all over again. I find myself just wanting to coast through towards the end and I just feel burnt out and worn out. I constantly have to remind myself to just hang in there and keep applying myself because it’s almost over! This time of year is when I also find it the hardest to keep my work/play balance in check because sometimes I would rather do anything and everything instead of what I need to do. The other night I conveniently got in a cleaning mood and started cleaning my bathroom from top to bottom… granted the bathroom needed to be cleaned… but I actually enjoyed doing it because it distracted me from doing homework. That’s when I really know I’m in danger because if I’d rather clean the bathroom then of course I would also rather just hang out with friends, etc. I know we all have times like this but again just remember we are almost done with the semester and it is only going to cause us more stress and problems if we slack off in these last couple of weeks.

I am sad to see this semester go. I can honestly say it has been one of the best semesters yet. I have learned and grown more as a person than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. I can contribute that mostly to volunteering at a couple of places this semester, deciding to change my major and for once actually being able to do really well in math. All of these things have made me feel better about myself as a person and gain confidence in different areas. I hope others have also had a great semester and I wish you all luck in the last couple of weeks, finishing up assignments and studying for exams.