Summer Classes!!!

     I signed up a few days ago for a Summer class – woo hoo!  Now, I’m hardly the one to consider Summer as a time for studying.  But consider these aspects before you disregard Summer Classes altogether:

          -Summer is HOT!  MCC Has air conditioning.
          -There are three separate times to take Summer classes, two of which are only six weeks long, versus fourteen weeks in a regular semester.  Check out the dates in the Summer 2009 Academic Calendar.
          -Financial aid may cover your Summer classes.
          -If you take one or two classes over the Summer then you could have a lighter workload during the semester or even graduate early!

     If you decide you’re interested in Summer classes, simply go to the My MCC link and search the Add/Drop classes under Registration.  There’s only so long to register, however, so hop on the Summer Class bandwagon soon!