Where did this semester go?

The end of the semester has come upon us again. This past couples of weeks have been crazy and the next couple of weeks will probably be even crazier. At the end of each semester I feel like I have senioritis all over again. I find myself just wanting to coast through towards the end and I just feel burnt out and worn out. I constantly have to remind myself to just hang in there and keep applying myself because it’s almost over! This time of year is when I also find it the hardest to keep my work/play balance in check because sometimes I would rather do anything and everything instead of what I need to do. The other night I conveniently got in a cleaning mood and started cleaning my bathroom from top to bottom… granted the bathroom needed to be cleaned… but I actually enjoyed doing it because it distracted me from doing homework. That’s when I really know I’m in danger because if I’d rather clean the bathroom then of course I would also rather just hang out with friends, etc. I know we all have times like this but again just remember we are almost done with the semester and it is only going to cause us more stress and problems if we slack off in these last couple of weeks.

I am sad to see this semester go. I can honestly say it has been one of the best semesters yet. I have learned and grown more as a person than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. I can contribute that mostly to volunteering at a couple of places this semester, deciding to change my major and for once actually being able to do really well in math. All of these things have made me feel better about myself as a person and gain confidence in different areas. I hope others have also had a great semester and I wish you all luck in the last couple of weeks, finishing up assignments and studying for exams. 


     Is technology taking over your life?!?
     I know my sister enjoys the use of a GPS in her car, I use a calculator for advanced math (and sometimes less advanced math) and I tend to feel lost without my cell phone.  Technology and gadgets can be useful.  Taking your laptop to class for notes or using it between classes for homework is very effective.  More effective than signing in to the ARC and leaning over the keyboard and desk to view the screen (yes I find this annoying).  But do you rely on your GPS so much that reading a map seems illogical anymore?  Are you losing other skills, like driving, in order to text friends?
    I find that there is a technology balance.  A little teeter-totter that leads to cyborg on one side and hermit on the other.  I’ve teetered more than tottered, though.  Sometimes I find myself texting at the store and not getting my shopping done.  So instead of hanging out in the cyborg seat, hop into the middle for a more interesting thrill of face to face conversation and listening to the whole lecture your teacher is giving you.

Making the most out of your assignments…

I recently had an assignment to do for my Community Health Problems online class. I had to visit five different places in the community and interview someone there about the different services they provide to the community. Honestly at first I was somewhat overwhelmed with the thought of trying to make time to go visit five different places but I got on the phone, made my appointments and was somehow able to fit all of them in to my schedule. I chose to go to Summerfield Retirement Residence, Manatee Glens, The Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Manatee and Sarasota, YMCA and Jewish Family and Children Services. All of the people I met with were very nice and helpful and it was interesting to learn about all of the different things these places do provide to the community, they provide a lot more than I thought or expected.

This assignment also helped me to realize that even though we might not understand why our instructors have us do different assignments there is always a reason for it. Doing this helped me to realize that it was important and beneficial to actually meet with someone face to face instead of just finding the information online.  It was a good experience to dress up nice, make a good impression and meet with important people that work for these different places in the community. It was also good to learn more about all of the services provided because who knows maybe I will need to take advantage of one of the services someday or I could be a help to someone else who is looking for help in the community.

So I am glad that I was able to do this assignment and make the most out of it. I was able to learn a lot and meet some influential people in the community who might be important contacts for my future. So the next time you have an assignment and you think to yourself why do I need to do this or how is this going to benefit me in the future, go into the assignment with a positive attitude whatever it may be and make the most out of it and you might be surprised about what you learn and how it benefited you.


I have personally witnessed the excitement of the student body concerning the transition of MCC from a Community College to the State College of Florida. You can go anywhere on campus; whether it’s the ARC Building, the Library, the Lancer Café (whose

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name will soon change) hallways, or even the book store, and everyone will be talking about the exact same topic: the new name of the school.

With the news of the transition that will occur, there a loads of questions that arise concerning the changes that will take place. “How soon will the diplomas reflect the new school name?” A student asked me. Although I do not have an answer, I am hoping that my graduating class of spring 2009 will be the first to bear the new name and emblem on their diploma.

The elevation in status that will take place will be humongous. This is due to the fact that MCC will stay with its Open Door Policy, and attract a larger group of students than ever before: students who wanted to go directly into a four-year school (which we are now). Despite these changes, incoming students can expect the same college education and atmosphere that so many others have experienced. We are moving up in the ranks and if we continue with this level of focus, The State College of Florida will be famous for its quality of education, diversity and ability to produce competent professionals for all areas of the workforce.

Until next time,

Erik Arroyo

Student Blogger


More Quirks

     I was sitting in the student union one day near the start of this semester, probably eating chili.   Next thing I turn around and noticed a large, flat-screen television hoisted on the wall above the ATM.  This seemed like quite an upgrade of technology and it piqued my curiosity.  Then a few weeks later I saw one in the Academic Resource Center.  It turns out they’re a multi-functional educator.  They’re called Electronic Dispatch for Emergency and Academic Notices.  I probably would have given it a name you didn’t need to look at ten times before writing it down.  Perhaps ‘MCC News Television’, or even easier ‘MCC TV.’  Nonetheless, these EDEAN machines let the students know simple things like the time, weather, news articles from around the world and MCC sporting events.  They also inform students of emergencies like hurricanes and other important information for our lives. 
  Now that I have imparted one more quirk about MCC Venice to you, I will leave you one last tidbit: the cafe doesn’t serve soup anymore.  You have to wait until next winter… and I miss the chili.

Thoughtless Thursday…

I’m in the MCC library racking my brain trying to think about what to blog about and unfortunately nothing is coming to mind…I’ve never had this problem before. I guess I’m having a little case of “bloggers block.” I’ve had a crazy busy week filled with a lot of homework and preparation and planning for upcoming projects. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve also been somewhat sleep deprived this week since I have been so busy. So I’m sure all of these factors have to do with why I’m just drawing a blank, my mind is so tired and worn out yet still racing with thoughts about things I still need to get done.

I do have a couple of important reminders: Summer tuition is due on May 4th and we can already start registering for fall classes on April 20th for those of us who have 30+ credits. April 21 for students who have 0-29 credits, April 22nd for Returning students (enrolled at MCC during Summer or Fall 2008 terms but not currently registered for Spring 2009 – excluding transient students) and last but not least May 4th for NEW students (including transfer, transient, readmits and all others not previously registered for Fall 2009.)

I hope everyone has a

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fun safe Easter weekend. I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family and cracking confetti eggs on everyone’s heads! If you don’t know what I’m talking about…they now have them at Wal-Mart . They’re a lot of fun — my great grandmother used to make them,. I’m originally from TX… so I’m not sure if it’s a TX thing but either way Wal-Mart has jumped on the band wagon. I would suggest you pick up some confetti eggs — they make for a great time!

Sorry this blog is so random…it’s been a crazy week!

Nostalgia (Part 1)

Dear Students,

As the approaching end of the spring term is less than a month away I can’t help but feel nostalgic already. At MCC there is no great division between your

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class status. It is as simple as this: one day you’re a freshman, the next day a senior. Perhaps it was the smell of the food at the Lancer Cafe when arriving at school early in the morning, maybe the fact that MCC has the craziest squirrels known to humanity or even the atmospheric view around campus which makes it perfect to study…all I know is that once I leave this campus I will be longing to return. I have so many memories from my time at MCC. If you are graduating in May, would you please write me an e-mail at studentblog@scf.edu telling me what your most memorable moment at MCC has been. Those who submit their experience will greatly help in the creation of the upcoming blog. If you are planning to be a student at MCC, I would like to read about what you have heard from MCC students or what you have experienced first hand. I am very interested in any aspect of student life, please forward me your most memorable moments.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,


Slowing Down

The end of each semester seems to build and build with busy. Days and weeks fly by so quick that it almost feels like a troll is running around plucking hours from your day. Then today I woke up and it was raining. I mean pouring rain so that those puddles form in the yard and the sky doesn’t light up with the sun. That’s the kind of day that requires you to slow down.�
We’ve had a few rainy days recently. The cloudy, cool, relaxing rain that lulls everyone into a stupor. What do you do on a rainy day that you can’t (or won’t) on a sunny day? Spring clean? Perhaps you have more time to read a book or sleep? But sometimes you can’t enjoy the slowdown of a rainy day. I think the nicest thing about a rainy day is that even if you still have the same things to do, everyone seems to be a little more

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lethargic about getting them done. More forgiving if you’re likewise slow to complete.
I feel that weather (pun intended) it’s rainy or not, every now and then we need to slow down and recalculate. Reconfigure our lives to make sure we are doing the things we mean to do.

Changing my major…

The reason why I originally decided to change my major was because an advisor from the BSW program came into two of my classes and talked about the program and as she was talking I realized this is what I should be going for not Clinical Psychology! I was a little bummed at first just because I’ve thought ever since high school that I was going to go for Clinical Psychology and I did research on what they do but it wasn’t until I heard about this program and read a description of what Clinical Psychologists do from my Applied Psychology book that I realized – ugh that doesn’t sound like what I thought I was going for all along!

This is what I read when I was like – ah that’s totally not me! “Clinical psychologists focus on assessment, diagnosis and treatment procedures of mildly to severely disturbed persons. They interview clients and write case studies.”

With my degree in Social Work I still want to work in the mental health field and the description of that is: Mental health and substance abuse social workers assess and treat individuals with mental illness or substance abuse problems, including abuse of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Such services include individual and group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention, social rehabilitation and teaching skills needed for everyday living. They also may help plan for supportive services to ease clients’ return to the community. Mental health and substance abuse social workers are likely to work in hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, individual and family services agencies

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or local governments. These social workers may be known as clinical social workers. Now this sounds like my dream job!

So with this new discovery of mine I’ve been doing a lot of research and this was a good week for me as far as school goes. I had a phone consult with the coordinator from USF for the Bachelor’s in Social Work program. It went very well. I was able to get all of my questions that I have about my change and the program answered and I was also able to figure out my schedule for the rest of my time at MCC. This summer I am taking Statistics and American Government. I am taking them Summer B. It will be nice to have part of the summer off — this is the least amount of classes I ever taken and the least I have ever paid in tuition which is also a bonus! Then in the Fall I will take College Algebra, History of the United States I and Macroeconomics and then I will be done at MCC. I will start at USF Spring of 2010 and should be done with my with my Bachelor’s Fall of 2011! A couple of perks I found out about during my research:

- If I have 68 or more credits from MCC I will not have to take any electives at USF – this will save more time and money and for this program

-My two years of the same foreign language from high school will fulfill my language requirements

-This program is nationally accredited.

I am happy I

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found all of this out now and I am looking forward to these next couple of years of school.

Summer Classes!!!

     I signed up a few days ago for a Summer class – woo hoo!  Now, I’m hardly the one to consider Summer as a time for studying.  But consider these aspects before you disregard Summer Classes altogether:

          -Summer is HOT!  MCC Has air conditioning.
          -There are three separate times to take Summer classes, two of which are only six weeks long, versus fourteen weeks in a regular semester.  Check out the dates in the Summer 2009 Academic Calendar.
          -Financial aid may cover your Summer classes.
          -If you take one or two classes over the Summer then you could have a lighter workload during the semester or even graduate early!

     If you decide you’re interested in Summer classes, simply go to the My MCC link and search the Add/Drop classes under Registration.  There’s only so long to register, however, so hop on the Summer Class bandwagon soon!