Top 3 Reasons to Attend Graduation

Spring break officially ended on Sunday March 24th at 11:59PM. Since then, I have literally received over 20 text messages and e-mails regarding the student body’s excitement for graduation. I must admit, I’m excited too, especially since there are 5 weeks left in this spring semester. Despite it being a threshold in your education and a ceremony that 4-year-college-goers miss out on, I have devised the top 3 reasons why students really attend the graduation ceremony [as a graduate].

3. It’s a way to get gifts and presents
This reason is kind of selfish but… it’s true. We know that we can invite our friends and family to this event and they will not show up empty handed. A few “I’m proud of you” comments and maybe a nice dinner somewhere will bring a smile to your face… but the majority of the people will not be able to make it and give you monetary compensation instead.

2. It’s an opportunity to add yet another diploma on the wall
Imagine, having a community college diploma right next to your high school one. You would be waking up everyday feeling more accomplished and ready for the world than ever before. Soon enough, people will think you’re collecting those things. Everyone who sees you will say “You need to stop being so smart and getting so many diplomas!”

1. It’s an excuse to have fun and party
We all love the way that Pomp and Circumstance is stuck in our heads for days after the ceremony. Do you know what else will get stuck in your head? The answer is all memories of your graduation that you will keep for the rest of your life. It is one final opportunity to truly see your graduating class in one place together, perfect time to take pictures and go out with friends.

You only graduate from a community college once. It is a symbol of your perseverance, a symbol of being half-way to completing a Bachelors degree or a symbol of completion of school before moving into the work force. Everyone should be proud to be a Manatee Alumni therefore they should share their joys in this final reunion together before they disperse.