Post Spring Break Lazy

I usually come into a new blog with an idea of what to write about. In this case, my mind has been on vacation over Spring Break. I travelled to the beach a few times, had some decent dinners

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at new restaurants and put my backpack in the corner of my room with a pile of clothing on top. Granted, the last one

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happens even when I’m not Spring Breaking… Nonetheless, I haven’t picked up a book until today (Sunday night). That is when I picked up my assignment book and still decided to blow off what little homework I have for tomorrow. I’m not condoning the complete rejection of homework assignments (I have a long break tomorrow between classes heh heh heh) I’m just reiterating what I’m sure every student of MCC felt this week: lazy!
Yet here I am. I’ll still grab my cup of coffee in the morning so that I can make it through to my next cup of coffee. So plug your brains back in and get moving back to class – there’s only six more weeks of school left. Don’t lag behind in the last leg of class work!