The Oldest Habit

Weird Word of the Week: Pusillanimous: adj. lacking courage; cowardly; faint-hearted.

Wow, we are half-way through the semester and one week away from Spring Break, so I would guess the new phrase is “Time flies when you’re in college”? I don’t know about you, but I can practically smell Spring Break around the corner.

There is a pattern that occurs right before a mini break like this one: First you will receive tests in all of your classes the week before the break. Second, your procrastination level will be at an all-time high unless you do something about it.

Let’s do simple math:

Procrastination + Multiple Tests = Bad

I know how you feel… I personally have plans of traveling around Florida and possibly taking a ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas… but all of this has to wait.

A teacher once told me “The hardest part of a task is starting it.” In order to focus on spring break for an entire week, you must focus on school for an entire week also. I do not feel that Spring Break would feel rightfully earned if I do not do well on my tests. My

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suggestion is studying one subject at a time until you have mastered what you will need.

There are however, many other methods of studying for multiple tests. I have friends who divide the subject in the categories of “Left Brained” and “Right Brained” and manage to study two subjects a day, back to back, for an hour or two each.

Perhaps the most famous procrastinator was Leonardo da Vinci. He delayed finishing the Mona Lisa for 20 years and finished The Last Supper after his patron threatened to cut off his funds. Most of his work was half-completed at the time of his death, and he felt that he could have accomplished more if he had not procrastinated. What I am trying to say is: time is all we have, use it wisely.

“Procrastination is for the pusillanimous”