I love coffee.  I find a perfect brew (hint: it’s not brewed at my house because that tastes like water) and I dream about it.  I don’t understand how people show up to class tired and tell me they don’t drink coffee.  Coffee is like getting dressed in the morning; you must do it!  It’s the feeling coursing through you that says, “let’s clean, let’s go for a walk, let’s get things done!”
     Yet I also feel more creative when I’m tired.  At One AM.  Maybe that’s why people do their essays and homework last minute (among other reasons).  That is the general time that ideas spark in my brain and I must sit down at write.  Some people prefer music when studying or even exercise to stimulate thinking.
     What is it that you love to do?  What inspires you to be creative or accomplish what you need and want to do?  These could be two separate things or maybe they overlap (like coffee).  I encourage you to think about the things that inspire you in order to be a more focused student.  I also stir you to think about those things that you absolutely adore, especially if you’re still confused about your career path or major.  When I started at MCC I was going to be a Computer Science major.  Then I took a computer class and realized that even though I like computers, I love to write.  It may not be so easy for you, and trust me, it wasn’t as simple for me.  But through your life experiences so far there has to be something in there… some activity you fell in love with.  And if not yet, then you will find one—be looking!