This semester for my applied psychology class, one of the requirements is to volunteer at a place of your choice. I chose Manatee Glens since my major is Clinical Psychology and I will be working in the mental health field. I have never really been involved in volunteering anywhere besides a couple of small events with clubs in high school so I am very excited about this opportunity and I am looking forward to learning from this experience and hopefully making a difference.

I am happy that this is one of the requirements for this class and I look forward to writing my journal entries and being able to refer back to them as I continue to go through school and continue to volunteer. Even though I just started I already feel a great sense of satisfaction and I look forward to getting a lot out of it. I encourage others to find places to volunteer. A lot of places are in need especially in today’s economy! I hope to be able to continue to volunteer even once this class is over and I’m also considering volunteering at hospice because I believe in their purpose and mission and they have impacted my family in a huge way. I would love to give back. I’m sure I will continue to talk about my volunteer experience and I also hope that someone else out there also gets inspired to help out.

I also wanted to give an update on how my math class is going, I got a 93 on my first test which is an absolute miracle and everything else seems to be going really well so far too!

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