I remember my first semester at MCC.  I’d selected four classes and felt a little in the dark over which ones I needed for my degree.  At the end of the semester I went to see a Student Development Advisor to ask for help on classes for the following semester.  I came to find out that most of the classes I took I didn’t need to take!  Granted, I did change my degree after semester two… but I should’ve gone to visit the Advisor before I started my first semester.
      The Advisors are located in buildings 1 and 100 - the same place you go to register as a student.  They help you with choosing your classes in order to graduate in your major.  They also help you to choose your major when you’re unsure, as well as electives you may enjoy even if you’re fulfilling a liberal arts degree.  Another extremely helpful thing is that they can look into the University you plan to attend next and make sure you take the proper classes for a smooth transfer!
     One last word of advice on the subject is that you need to visit the Advisor every  semester!  You can even visit them now to plan for next fall or summer courses.  They may be quietly stashed away in the Student Services Buildings but they can do so many things for your future career.