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that math isn’t exactly their favorite subject. It definitely isn’t for me! I’ve always struggled in math which is one of the main reasons why I’m not very fond of it. I started with 0012 here at MCC which seemed easy enough and I was very happy to get a B. I then moved on to 0024 which wasn’t so bad either and was happy I passed with a C. These past couple of semesters have been especially hard concerning math because I am now on my third attempt in 1033. This has caused me much stress, aggravation and not to mention money…So this semester is my third time and it seems to be going very well so far. I just took my first test and I feel very confident about it!

You might be thinking… wow, she must be a bad student or I can’t believe she’s posting this to the “blog world” but that’s not the case at all. I would like to think I’m a good student and in all of my classes I have always studied and done my homework. It was my test scores that usually hurt me in the

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end… so even though I studied and practiced I didn’t always get the result I wanted. I’m not ashamed to talk about this because I honestly know I tried my hardest and I’m going to continue to try until I succeed! I also know that I am not the only student that has problems in this area. So to all of us that struggle in math… don’t give up. I promise eventually it will click as it finally is starting to with me. I have been fortunate to have some awesome math teachers here that I am very grateful for and the other staff in the math department have also been very helpful during this journey. I will definitely keep you all posted on my progress in this area seeing that it has affected me a great deal during my time here at MCC. I also want to share this to again give other students hope and encouragement. I’m starting to realize that math is kind of fun once you know how to do it! :)