I was sitting in my Science class one of the first days of school this semester, when my professor brought up a very good point having nothing to do with Science.  He was asking the class what the most important asset in our lives was.  The list of things included money, freedom, children, jobs, spouses and education.  He was on the right track when he said education was the greatest asset because it cannot be taken away.  In reality, a college can lose transcripts and classes may not transfer.  I even know people who couldn’t transfer a degree to a different state.
    What I realized through the chat was that our minds are our true asset.  Going to college or learning new things through experiences are priceless to our future.  Thoughts, ideas and anything going on in our brain are not restricted to paper or laws.  When you enter into a college education you use your mind to absorb knowledge but you can’t turn your thought processes off.  What I mean by this is that it is a necessity to respond and apply the knowledge to your own self.
    When you jump into your education, consider your mind and the power it has to hold tight to what you are taught.  Your professors are here for a reason and they’re excited to provide you training for your future