If you’re like me, you just took the spare twenty minutes you had to drop around three hundred dollars (or more) at the Venice book store in order to be prepared for your classes.  Then you went to Wal Mart and got notebooks, pens and pencils because you lost the ones you used anytime in the past.  After you assembled your backpack and couldn’t think of a thing you needed otherwise, you finally settled into actually contemplating the next four months of your life in school.  I find it an exciting contemplation because I love college and I like the classes I chose for the following semester.  However, if you’re new to MCC you may have only a small clue as to what to expect – even if the campus isn’t the size of New York City…and this can be a little overwhelming.

        MCC has little hidden quirks you may not find out until your second (or third) semester as a student.  One I found in my second semester was that the elevator doors in building 800 open behind you once you reach the second floor.  Though common sense would have told me there was no room for it to open in front of me.  I remember standing for a good minute with a confused look on my face because I heard voices and couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.

        Besides the quirks, you may end up skipping breakfast in the morning in order to stop at Starbucks.  If this is the case for you, you should hit up the Cafeteria.  It has an ATM for all your lack-of-cash needs, comfortable chairs with wi-fi, students to chat with and most of all fried and baked foods!  In reality they are not all fried and there are definitely healthy alternatives - but the brownies are to die for.

        In the next semester, I hope to give you an idea of what an MCC student does.  My name is Sarah Ward and you may see me lurking around the coffee pots in the MCC Venice cafeteria with a stain on my shirt.  The best piece of advice I can give you is… if you don’t know your MCC pin, ask the librarian, teacher, random passerby-anyone!