First week back…

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break, I know I definitely did! The holidays were wonderful and I had a great time being able to enjoy a little more free time with friends and family.

But wow, what a week! This week didn’t go exactly as I hoped it would. It was pretty hectic and stressful. It was probably one of the most stressful beginnings of a semester yet. At the last minute I had to change my whole schedule around

which resulted in me stalking the MCC site to ensure I got in the classes I needed… somehow it finally worked it self out. After putting in the CRN’s for the classes I needed so many times I wound up memorizing all of them and they opened up at just the right time – thank goodness! I now have a new found

appreciation for anyone that has had to go through that. I know now how it feels. It is somewhat unsettling not knowing for sure if things are going to work out how you had hoped and planned.

This semester I am also taking Tuesday/Thursday classes for the first time. I’m sure it will be nice having to go one less day but it might take a little getting use to the longer classes. I’m taking three classes on campus and one online. I am happy that this week is over…but despite all of the craziness it was still good and I am looking forward to all of my classes. Good luck to everyone as we get back in the swing of things!