Mind Power

I was sitting in my Science class one of the first days of school this semester, when my professor brought up a very good point having nothing to do with Science. He was asking the class what the most important asset in our lives was. The list of things included money, freedom, children, jobs, spouses and education. He was on the right track when he said education was the greatest asset because it cannot be taken away. In reality, a college can lose transcripts and classes may not transfer. I even know people who couldn’t transfer a degree to a different state.
What I realized through the chat was that our minds are our true asset. Going to college

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or learning new things through experiences are priceless to our future. Thoughts, ideas and anything going on in our brain are not restricted to paper or laws.

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When you enter into a college education you use your mind to absorb knowledge but you can’t turn your thought processes off. What I mean by this is that it is a necessity to respond and apply the knowledge to your own self.
When you jump into your education, consider your mind and the power it has to hold tight to what you are taught. Your professors are here for a reason and they’re excited to provide you training for your future

Questions or Comments?

Do you have any questions or comments that have not yet been covered on our blog site? If so we now have an e-mail address where you can respond to the blogs that Sarah or I have written with questions or comments. The e-mail address is studentblog@scf.edu – we will be sure to do our best to incorporate your questions and comments in our future blogs.

I know it can sometimes be difficult to know who or where to go to get your questions answered.  Sometimes it’s other students on campus who know best because they may have already experienced whatever it is you have a question about. I am excited about this new option with the student blog site and I hope it will continue to help current and future students. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the student blog site and help other students out there.  It has been a cool experience so far and I am looking forward to blogging throughout the spring term.

Reminder…the last day to apply for May graduation is Friday January 30th, 2009! If you have any questions concerning this be sure to shoot us an e-mail and we will do our best to answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate people if necessary. Congratulations to all of you who are almost done!

The New Semester Shock

If you’re like me, you just took the spare twenty minutes you had to drop around three hundred dollars (or more) at the Venice book store in order to be prepared for your classes. Then you went to Wal Mart and got notebooks, pens and pencils because you lost the ones you used anytime in the past. After you assembled your backpack and couldn’t think

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of a thing you needed otherwise, you finally settled into actually contemplating the next four months of your life in school. I find it an exciting contemplation because I love college and I like the classes I chose for the following semester. However, if you’re new to MCC you may have only a small clue as to what to expect – even if the campus isn’t the size of New York City…and this can be a little overwhelming.

MCC has little hidden quirks you may not find out until your second (or third) semester as a student. One I found in my second semester was that the elevator doors in building 800 open behind you once you reach the second floor. Though common sense would have told me there was no room for it to open in front of me. I remember standing for a good minute with a confused look on my face because I heard voices and couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.

Besides the quirks, you may end up skipping breakfast in the morning in order to stop at Starbucks. If this is the case for you, you should hit up the Cafeteria. It has an ATM for all your lack-of-cash needs, comfortable chairs with wi-fi, students to chat with and most of all fried and baked foods! In reality they are not all

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fried and there are definitely healthy alternatives – but the brownies are to die for.

In the next semester, I hope to give you an idea of what an MCC student does. My name is Sarah Ward and you may see me lurking around the coffee pots in the MCC Venice cafeteria with a stain on my shirt. The best piece of advice I can give you is… if you don’t know your MCC pin, ask the librarian, teacher, random passerby-anyone!

First week back…

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break, I know I definitely did! The holidays were wonderful and I had a great time being able to enjoy a little more free time with friends and family.

But wow, what a week! This week didn’t go exactly as I hoped it would. It was pretty hectic and stressful. It was probably one of the most stressful beginnings of a semester yet. At the last minute I had to change my whole schedule around

which resulted in me stalking the MCC site to ensure I got in the classes I needed… somehow it finally worked it self out. After putting in the CRN’s for the classes I needed so many times I wound up memorizing all of them and they opened up at just the right time – thank goodness! I now have a new found

appreciation for anyone that has had to go through that. I know now how it feels. It is somewhat unsettling not knowing for sure if things are going to work out how you had hoped and planned.

This semester I am also taking Tuesday/Thursday classes for the first time. I’m sure it will be nice having to go one less day but it might take a little getting use to the longer classes. I’m taking three classes on campus and one online. I am happy that this week is over…but despite all of the craziness it was still good and I am looking forward to all of my classes. Good luck to everyone as we get back in the swing of things!