Another semester come and gone…

Wow, this semester flew by…they seem to be going by faster each year. I guess the busier you are the faster time goes and I don’t think I’ll be getting any less busy anytime soon. This semester was good… of course it had its ups and downs as always.

I was just thinking that it’s

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funny how each semester we develop certain routines: what time we leave for class; what entrance we use into the parking lot; where we park; who we see and hang out with, etc. It’s nice getting into a routine but new things and change is good too. I am looking forward to a nice little break and having a little more free time. I am also looking forward to next semester. I’m really looking forward to my schedule and the classes I’m taking. I am also excited to take some professors again and getting to know a couple of new ones. I hope everyone enjoys their time off and is able to get rested up for the new semester. Happy Holidays!