During this time of year, we reflect on what it is that we are thankful for.  Some people are thankful for their position; they are glad to be a manager, or in school or just glad to have a job.  Some are thankful for material things - like a house or a car.

I’m thankful for the people in my life.  I have been so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, inspiring people my whole life.  My mom, who always made things work despite our hardships, taught me independence, discipline and the joys of teaching.  My husband, who supports me and my dreams and loves me despite my many faults.  My English professor, who has challenged me to strive for improvement, taught me the joys of literature and history and inspired me to become an English teacher.  There are more, of course, who have shaped my life and have helped me in every conceivable way. 

I’m also thankful for those who are no longer in my life.  My father who taught me to think for myself.  My grandfather who never had a harsh word.  My friend Marsha who showed me how to laugh during hard times.  I’m thankful that I had the privilege to have known them.

So tell those who have blessed you that you appreciate them.  Life is so short.  Love well.