Argh!  Things are always stressful near the end of the semester.  Big papers are due, finals are coming up and it seems every day is a deadline for something. 

My current stress is getting Elektraphrog ready for publication.  Everything has to be proofread three times, all the links need to be checked and double checked… Everything must be perfect.  As the managing editor it is my job to make sure that everything is done on time, and correctly.  It is a lot of work, but it is going to look really great when it’s finished!  It should be done by the time this blog posts on Thursday

This is the first semester that MCC will be having an course-based online magazine.  Bradenton campus has had a printed magazine called the Pentangle for quite some time, but Elektraphrog is brand new.  I feel special -being part of the class in its first season.  The decisions our class made will set the standard for future editions.  

If there are any of you who are interested in taking this class next semester, I have a link to it here.  You can either take the full class for 3 credits, or just work on the magazine portion for 1 credit.  Publishing a magazine looks great on your resume… especially if you are majoring in English, Journalism or Mass Communications.