Application time

It’s getting close to the end of the semester, which means that its time to apply for college!  I’ll be getting my AA in December, so I applied to several colleges.  I must say, applying to MCC was much easier than trying to jump through all the hoops that Universities give you. 

MCC lets you apply online here  which makes it very convenient.  You’ll need to provide proof of FL residency for tuition purposes, official high school/college transcripts, and test scores for the ACT/SAT.  Don’t worry if you haven’t taken those tests though (or didn’t do well on them).  MCC has an entry level placement test called the FCELPT that you can take. Once you’ve applied, you’ll probably want to apply for financial aid.  Many scholarships are based on financial need, which is determined by filling out your FAFSA.  You really want to do this as soon as possible regardless of which college you attend.  If you don’t qualify or want financial aid you can pay for your classes online with a credit card or by paying the registrar on campus. 

After you’ve applied, taken the placement test and submitted all documentation for proof of Florida residency you can register for Orientation.  While you are at Orientation, they will help you figure out how to register for classes.  Make sure you have a good idea of what classes you want to take when you go.  I recommend choosing at least one required class that you know you’ll dislike and one you know you’ll love each semester.  This way you’ll get those dreaded requirements out of the way at the beginning and will have at least one class that you’ll enjoy to motivate you to keep going.  This tactic worked very well for me.  So many students do only the classes they like first… then get stuck doing all required classes in the same semester. 

Also, if you haven’t decided on a major yet, I highly recommend taking ENC 1101 during the first semester. The career research paper due in this class has helped many students.

After Orientation you’ll want to print out your student detail schedule and check out the registration payment deadlines or pay online.  Then you can go to the Student Union to get your Parking Decal, Student ID and books.  The Parking Decal and Student ID are free… and very necessary.  The books can be paid for with either cash, card or financial aid (which is why it’s important to apply for the FAFSA super early!)

Now you are ready for class!  Welcome to MCC!