What do I want to do with my life?

When I first came to MCC, I declared myself as a business major because that was “the smart thing to do”. However, I wasn’t really coming to school to learn business. I started college because I was bored with my life and wanted to learn something new. Just like many kids right out of high school, I had no idea what career path to pursue. MCC really helped me!

My first semester, I decided to take one Math and one English course. In my ENC 1101 course one of the assignments was to do a career research paper. The instructor strongly encouraged us to make use of the Career Resource Center (CRC) for our research. I’m very glad I did.

When it came to choosing a career to write about I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, the CRC has this program that finds possible career areas for you based on your personality and work habits. At first I figured “I’ve taken all those stupid personality tests before, they don’t really help.” But this one was different. It was really thorough. Most of the suggested jobs intrigued me.

Yet, this program helps you take it a step further. As important as it is to pursue a career in a field you enjoy other factors, like salary, are important too. This program allows you to really research what it is like to be in one of these careers including expected salary, hours, amount of travel and degree required. In addition the career counselor was a great help with all my questions and even offered to help me look for a job/internship.

After much research I decided to do my paper on technical writing. At the time this career made the most sense because it involved writing, which I love, and instructing, which I also love. I changed my major to English and have never looked back. Language is my passion!

That isn’t to say, however, that I haven’t changed

my mind about my career path. College is a time of discovery and trying new things. Becoming an English major was a great first step but it still has such a broad range of careers. There wasn’t enough creativity in technical writing for me so I decided to be a novelist. Writing a novel is a lot of work, without a steady income, so I decided to become an book editor. Editing didn’t give me the human contact I crave so I finally decided to be an English teacher. Being a teacher allows me to do all of the things I enjoy: instruct others, edit papers, write instructions (coursework) and help people… all while being immersed in the subject I love. Plus, I

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can still write novels on the side. :)

I still have decisions to make though. Do I want to teach preschool or college? Should I teach only English or become a linguist and teach several languages? Do I want to teach at a public or private school? Should I get my Doctorate or a teaching certification? Or both? I’m sure these questions will be answered as I pursue my Bachelor’s at MCC. I’m just relieved to know that I’m heading in the right direction thanks to the Career Resource Center.