MCC Venice is having a thrilling event next Saturday at 2pm(Oct. 25th), sponsored by the Pop Culture club.  A large group of students are gathering together, dressed as zombies, to participate in the worldwide event “Thrill the World.”  The goal is to help break the current world record of 1,722 people dancing to “Thriller” at the same time.  Proceeds from the event will go to the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center in Sarasota, which helps domestic violence and rape victims.

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 This is going to be so fun!  This is a great example of how club events are both fun and help people at the same time.  SPARCC is a great cause.  It was an organization similar to SPARCC that helped my mom and I through tough times when we were victims of domestic violence. 

I encourage everyone to go out and participate in dance fest.  It’s going to be a blast!

Update: The Thrill the World event was a blast! 

Check out a video of it at