I recently found out that a friend of mine from high school passed away in August.  Suddenly, I am flooded with a keen awareness of my mortality.  Life is so fragile.  We tend to think that we still have years to do what we want in life.  “Oh, I have plenty of time I can always do X later.” (Whether X is go back to college, or go skydiving, etc.)  The harsh reality is that we simply don’t know how much time we have.  So make every second count.  Every time you see someone you love, tell them you love them.  

I am also reminded of a few quotes and lessons I’ve learned from others in my life who have passed away. 

“Do something, even if its wrong.” (Why?) “Because doing something is better than being nothing.” ~Grandpa Stuenkel

“You have a brain, use it!” ~Dad, encouraging me to think for myself, and not listen to the opinions of others.

“Seeing isn’t believing.  Believe what you feel.” ~Chris Walker, who was physically blind, yet ‘saw’ more than I ever will.

 “Love yourself unconditionally.  Try to love others the same way.” ~Marsha Bevalacqua, singer

Je me souviens.  I will remember