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Ahh, midterms…

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Let me start by saying welcome to MCC’s new blog.  I hope you all enjoy it!

It is midterm week and everyone is hitting the books hard.  In some classes this is the first real test and it can be nerve-wracking… especially if you aren’t familiar with the teacher’s testing style.  In my African-American Lit class the discussion was frenzied as we waited for class to start.  “Are the questions hard?” “What if I forget the author’s name?”  “Does the teacher give partial credit?” Pre-test jitters are normal, so here are a few tips to set your mind at ease:

Do your homework… even if it’s not graded!  Teachers don’t assign this stuff just to keep you busy.  Quite often doing the homework is the best way to prepare for a big test. 

Know what to study!  Getting to know the teacher’s style is crucial to studying for tests.  If you know a student that has studied with this professor before see if you can study with that student. They will often have insight into what sections or concepts are the most important.

Don’t overstudy! You’ll just stress yourself out.  Teachers often give you tools to help you figure out what will be on a test.  This might come in the form of a review sheet, quizzes or worksheets.  Just go over those tools and only re-read sections if you are having trouble with a particular concept.  Avoid the temptation of re-reading everything you’ve done so far that semester… you’ll just burn yourself out.

Eat chocolate!  Or do whatever calms you down before the test.  Indulge in a dessert (even for breakfast), listen to music or hang out with your friends.  Nerves can be your worst enemy.

During the test:

If you aren’t sure of an answer, use the process of elimination (for multiple choice tests).  A lot of times you can narrow it down to at least two answers - giving you a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

If you get stuck go to the next question.  Getting one wrong isn’t so terrible.  Not finishing is.

On essay tests even if you aren’t sure… write something! You might get partial credit which is better than no credit.

BREATHE…. Not breathing can be harmful to your health :)

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure I passed today’s midterm.  It’s time to celebrate. *party*

Finding a balance…

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Do you ever feel like you have a full load? Do you have a hard time balancing work and play? I personally know how it feels. As a student that works full time and goes to school full time I sometimes find it difficult to find a balance. A few things I have found that help…be sure you do the most important things first such as getting homework done, meeting deadlines, studying, etc. The sooner you get your work done the sooner you will have time to relax or do something you enjoy. I have found that once you complete everything that is required of you your personal time is more enjoyable. Another important thing is…do not procrastinate! The more we procrastinate the more unneeded stress is added to our already busy lives. Also you will earn a great sense of satisfaction knowing your work is done. Keep your long term goals in mind, and remember hard work pays off!