Remember SCF Resources

Welcome to the summer semester of 2015! It may or may not have been a while since you’ve been on campus, but either way, it’s always good to have a refresher on things! Some of you may not know about the great resources SCF has! Below I will list the top 3 resources that are helping me through my college days!

1. Academic Resource Center:

ARC Why pay for a private tutor when you have a whole building of tutors waiting to help out with whatever you need. I have been to the ARC many times, and each tutor I’ve had, was great! Some of the tutors are students, just like us, so, this makes the session run a bit smoother because they may have taken the exact class you have and know what the professor expects. Even with the tutors who aren’t students, the session is still great because they only want what is best for the student. These tutors can help you in any department and will not be satisfied until they know you are comfortable with what you needed help on. They want you to walk out of there with a sense of confidence and relief! Make sure you use this resource! (Located in: building 5 on Bradenton campus; building 400 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

2. Student Services Center:

SSCThis is my go to building for everything! Before I started classes at SCF, I had to make sure I had all the right paper work in. I was in this building for days before my actual semester started. I had to visit finical aid and admissions quit frequently, but they never got tired of seeing my  face and they were very friendly. As the year went on I found myself in this building again, in search of a job at the career resource center. With the  help of the great staff in there, I got this great opportunity as a student intern! I was also in advising a couple of times, to make sure I was selecting the right classes for each semester. They were patient with my  many questions, and I am confident that I am headed in the right direction for graduation and transferring to USF. Also in this building you will be able to find educational records, assessment/testing, international student services, veteran services, disability resource center, cashier and other support functions. (Located in: building 1 on Bradenton campus; building 100 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

3. Library:

LibrarySome people study at home, some study at the beach, but for me, this was my favorite study place. The library is quiet and relaxing, so, this makes it easier for me to focus.  I also think this is a great study spot because every resource you need is right there. From books to online articles, it’s all in the library. This is also a great place to work on group projects. Whatever it is that needs to be done, it can be done in this great spot…the library. :)    (Located in: building 8 North on Bradenton campus; building 300 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

Please remember, everyone, these resources are here for YOU, so. take advantage of them! Have a great semester. :)

Register Refresher

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break, but for those who are taking fall classes, listen up! The fall semester starts August 24! I hope you have all registered!!!! If not, that’s O.K., but you might not be able to get the professor you really want, so, get on that.

If you find yourself at your computer, ready to sign up and think…”wait, I am not even sure what I’m doing right now, :(  ” that is also O.K. because this blog is here to help! SCF’s Facebook and Twitter page posted this awesome link ( ) that can help with registration. It is about 10 minutes long and carefully guides you through the seemingly difficult, registration process. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. Just make sure you’re not over exceeding your own personal limit. Challenge yourself a little, but not to the point where you’re not able to balance all your classes. Good luck in the summer term everyone! I only wish the best!

how to register for the upcoming semester

Good luck with online registration. Don’t forget, classes start August 24th!!

By the way, if you would like to get updates like these follow SCF on social media through Facebook/State College of Florida  and Twitter/SCFnow.

Facebook: State College of Florida

Twitter: @SCFnow

The Freshman Experience

I am going to be completely straightforward, spring semester was tough. It was very challenging and stressful, but I am proud to say that I got through it. I’ll admit, I procrastinated but who doesn’t!? I always made sure my work was complete and done to the best of my ability. I had many sleepless nights and I honestly felt like I would not succeed, but I am glad to have had tremendous support from my family and best friends. BUT it wasn’t all stress! I had the great opportunity to earn an internship, right here at SCF! This has been one of the best experiences I have encountered. I have learned so much.  I also became a member of PTK and did some community service events. Through the many activities I have done, I was able to make some friends. When I walk around campus I feel great when I get a warm, welcoming, smile and wave. One thing I am very proud of is not giving up. For many people, the pressure of college becomes too much and they make the decision to leave. I am very proud of anyone who has had a feeling of giving up but has decided to stick through it! It will be worth it in the end, your hard work will not go unnoticed. I look forward to my next semester and going into it with more knowledge. I am excited to keep moving forward and slowly I have been able to see my work go towards something I love. I hope everyone else has had a great learning experience this semester and many great semesters ahead. Have a great summer everyone!

Fun in Bradenton

Growing up, summer was the same routine. Action packed for the first two weeks, than boredom for the rest of my summer. :( Over the years I have grown a bit wiser and learned about this great thing called…the internet! ;) It’s great! No, this does not mean I wasted beautiful summer days on my laptop, but I used it to find events in my area. Bradenton usually seems pretty quiet when it comes to events but when I google searched “event calendar for bradenton fl” so many things popped up! I was amazed at the many events that took place in this area. Everything from family events to nightlife! I will let you explore, so, I am sharing the websites I have found, with you. Don’t have a boring summer. Get up and get out!

Here are the fun links I found! Have fun and be safe, everyone. By the way, the last link is from SCF, bet you didn’t know about that page ;)

Another Semester Down =)

Fa La La La La, Hooray! Another semester down! This one wasn’t so easy for me. For the first time I tackled a five credit course and I survived. Now I feel like I can take on any class:) I don’t know about you all, but this term was full of unexpected surprises… and don’t get me wrong, they were not all good ones. But look, we all made it through. The words I spoke early on in the semester held true for me. It was well worth the effort and time put into each class so that I could finish them strong.

Summer break is now here. Maybe its only for a week for those of you starting up again on the 18th of May. Or its 6 weeks for those of you taking classes the second half of the summer. In any case, remember to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. Go out and do something spontaneous (safely)!

I wish you all a restful and successful summer!

Food Service For The Summer Term

If you’re wondering what the summer hours for the café are, here they are!

  • May 11-15 – ALL  café locations will be CLOSED

So, please don’t show up hoping for food, because there will be  none. Don’t worry! It’s only for that week. After that, each campus will have their own special hours. Yay!

  • Bradenton Campus: (Pardon our dust) Their café will be under renovation all summer, but their “Bite-size café” in building 14 (salad bar, sandwiches, grill items available) will be open: Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 1:00PM
  • Venice Campus: Their café will have smoothies available and will be open: Monday-Thursday 9:00AM to 1:00PM 

  • Lakewood Ranch Campus: Their café will be closed all summer. :(

I hope this helps! Have a great sumer everyone!

Summer Is Here!

Summer has always been my favorite season. No class for me! I take a break, so when I come back for fall I am relaxed, ready, and determined. I do plan to work over summer, while also enjoying myself. I would like to spend a lot of time with my family. During the semester I get so caught up with homework and studying, I don’t pay as much attention to them as I would like. I am also really excited to explore Florida! This is the first summer I have my own car (and gas money) so I am going to venture off into different activities and just have fun. I work so hard during the semester because I know summer will be my time to relax. What are your summer plans?

Venice Campus-Final Exam Cram

#SCFVenice students! The entire ARC staff; Kyle, Alison, Jimmy, Faye, Melanie, Brain, Nichele, Lori, Carmen, Uni, Nikki, David, Tim, Debby, Debbie, Stephen and Anne, invite you to The Final Exam Cram THIS Sunday, May 3rd from 9am-9pm in building 400. They will be here for math, science, English, and writing with individual tutoring, study groups, and final exam reviews.

For those of you in A&P, Dr. Kersten will be there to answer your A&P questions from 9am-12pm. At noon there will finals-babysnacks and drinks served :)

You are not in this alone! Come and get the help you need to be confident that you will ace your finals!

Graduation Tickets

graduation-hats in air
It’s that time of the year for all who have finished their degrees here at SCF!

If you’re looking for where to grab your tickets for the ceremony, just come into Building 1, and go upstairs to the Educational Records Office upstairs!

The Last Week

Happy last week of classes!! You’ve made it!…… Well, almost! If you can push through this last remaining week, then you’ve pretty much done it! So make sure you’re still attending classes and giving it your all, because it still counts! And who knows, it may even make your final exams easier!