You Can Do It!

To anyone just starting a semester or continuing a semester, you can do it!!! It can get very stressful at times, trust me, I know. there have been times where I felt like I wouldn’t be able to get through a semester, but I did, and I know you all can too! So don’t give up and stay confident in yourself! Don’t forget to use your SCF resources (there’s a blog posted on what resources can help you). Be strong everyone! :) ;)

Class Checklist

If you haven’t taken any classes this summer, your brain is probably on vacation as well. You want to make sure you are prepared for fall because it comes around faster than you expect. Below I have made a simple checklist of what you should have for this semester to make sure you are ready for anything (well…for the first day at least ;) )!

1. Know your schedule: It is important to know when and where your class is. You could miss really important information, even in the first five minutes :o !! (I know from experience) Even if you have to visit the campus before any of your classes start ,to familiarize yourself with the campus, do so! This way you know if you can take your time walking to class or if you should pack some running shoes ;) .

2. Get your bag ready: Don’t spend time in the morning getting your school bag ready. Take a little time the night before to make sure everything is right. I am very good at waking up past the time I am supposed to, it’s almost a special talent of mine. If I didn’t pack my bag the night before, I would rush out, in a crazy frenzy, not realizing my book bag is filled with nothing but my tears because I left everything at home. Don’t have a bag full of tears, have a bag full of books. Which brings us to my next topic!

3. What’s in your bag?: Be sure to pack the proper textbooks. Some professors require it, some don’t. It’s your responsibility to make sure you have what the professor expects of you. I always like to pack a calculator, white-out and an eraser because you never know when you might need it. I also like to bring (not school related) my charger, my headphones and gum. Oh, and bring your school I.D. with you. FUN TIP: even if you’re not at school, carry your school I.D. around, there is usually some type of discount going on for students, off campus. But if you absolutely cannot remember that stuff make sure you AT LEAST have some paper and a pen and/or pencil.

4. Get rest: The most important of the list, get rest! It’s hard to concentrate on a lecture when all you can think about is going back to bed. You’re brain will also be able to function better when you’re well rested.

These tips help me and I will continue to use them. Hopefully they can help you out too! Good luck in all your future semesters.

Brain on vacation

I found this hilarious picture of what I see in my head when I say your brain is on vacation. Picture from

Hello, Vacation!

Well everyone, I am off for the summer. I had a great time blogging but now, I get to put everything down and enjoy these next couple weeks before fall semester. I am really looking forward to all of my upcoming events. I usually love to keep busy and this summer I did not hold back. For the first three weeks I plan to finally get to that, “I should probably do this” list I’ve been dreading!! I have so many chores I should get done before I go away. But, it must get done, and after they are complete, I have an action packed summer ahead of me. First, I’ll be heading off to Orlando to enjoy some quality time with the family, for a week, at West Gate Resort. There, we just enjoy the fun activities the resort has to offer. We’ve been going there since I was about five years old. This place holds a lot of my childhood memories. In the next week, (for another week) I’ll be heading to New Jersey to hang out with my dad, step mom and brother. I don’t see them for long periods of time and I am very excited to finally spend some time with them. After that week, we will be heading to Canada for some camping.

My camping trip

Here’s a picture from last year’s camping trip. My family and I were just setting up our tents.

My dad started this family camping trip about nine years ago, starting in Colorado, where we visited the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely breath taking. Each year we travel to a different place and camp for one week. I’ve never been to Canada, so I know this is going to be really cool. when I get back from Canada, I’ll be back with my mom and headed to Washington D.C. to do some sight seeing for about a week. Each person in the family (my mom, sister, brother and grandma) picked a place to visit while we’re there. I picked the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I’ve always been intrigued by this event and continue to learn more and more about it. Finally, I will be back in Florida with two weeks left to spare before my busy fall semester. I am going to take on the challenge of five classes again. ( Oh, boy!) I hope everyone else has an adventurous filled summer. Good luck with the rest of the semester and any future semesters.

My Favorite Class (so far)

I have completed my first year at SCF and I am very excited to move forward. It seems to be going by so quickly, but I was registering for classes (as all of you should have done by now ;) ) and I just started thinking about the courses I have already taken, and what I could take out of them for the future. While each class taught me something new and different (duh) , there was one class that will really stick with me. This class is introduction to business, specifically with professor Scott. (Who, by the way, is super awesome, and I would recommend him to EVERYONE). Even if you’re not exactly sure what area of business you would like to get into, or even if you’re not sure if you want to get into business, I would still recommend it because it touches base with all aspects of that field. I’m not sure of the other professors, but I enjoyed this class with professor Scott for many reasons. He makes the class setting very comfortable, which makes the class interaction fun. I’ve sat in many classes where all I could see were blank stares. Not in this class. Conversation, knowledge and laughter is always flying around. The class is fun and informative. The entire class will pass by and it’ll feel like you just had an open conversation, not realizing that it was everything you (should have;) ) read in the chapter. I also really like how everything we learn is relative to today. Often times we may find ourselves saying “when will I ever use this,” but with this class you’ll say “I can’t wait to use this.” I plan to continue on the business career path and I hope you all find your dream career path!

Save the Dates!

I was looking through the academic calendar and there are so many dates that are relevant to ALL SCF students. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about them. :( I wouldn’t want anyone to miss anything that could be very important. I am going to leave the link for the academic calendar in this blog. In there you will find dates for summer, fall and spring 2015-2016. Although the calendar is helpful, you should keep up with SCF social medias, where there will be constant reminders on most things found on the calendar. If you’re anything like me (forgetful ;) ) the social media sites are super helpful and convenient! I’ll drop the links for those too! Keep both eyes open for those dates and don’t forget to save them!

Academic Calendar:

Facebook: State College of Florida

Twitter: @SCFnow

Stay Connected With SCF Social Media

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone making sure you all follow SCF social media sites! You can find SCF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Youtube. My favorite is Instagram. It has a fun atmosphere, and, personally, I love looking at pictures. Make sure you all check them out. I’ll post the direct links, so, all you have to do is click, and follow. :) Simple.






Family Heritage House

Did you all know about the Family Heritage house on the Bradenton campus? It is the only African-American history museum located at a community/state college. I passed by it almost every single day but I never knew what it was. As you can see, I was able to take a little trip inside.

Family Heritage House visit

Kathie Marsh introduces me to some interesting masks from Africa.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed the walls were filled with great history and artifacts. There were many displays with pictures and short blurbs on what you were looking at. There are also a few different rooms that were dedicated to a particular exhibit.

I thought it was really great to see a special exhibit, just for kids! Everything in the room was fun for small children, while also being very educational. Not only did this museum have history from all over the country, but it had history from, right here, in Bradenton. It displayed many inventions made by African-Americans, that you probably didn’t know about. Anyone is able to take a tour of this museum, and should do so because it has a lot of interesting information. This is also a great place to visit if you were doing a project on African-American history. Whatever the case may be, it a place everyone should experience.

Family Heritage House

The Family Heritage House is located in building 8 south (right next to the library).


By the way ;) the fun picture of me above, along with many other fun pictures, can be found on SCF Instagram page. Follow them @scfnow. Here’s a direct link to their page:

Remember SCF Resources

Welcome to the summer semester of 2015! It may or may not have been a while since you’ve been on campus, but either way, it’s always good to have a refresher on things! Some of you may not know about the great resources SCF has! Below I will list the top 3 resources that are helping me through my college days!

1. Academic Resource Center:

ARC Why pay for a private tutor when you have a whole building of tutors waiting to help out with whatever you need. I have been to the ARC many times, and each tutor I’ve had, was great! Some of the tutors are students, just like us, so, this makes the session run a bit smoother because they may have taken the exact class you have and know what the professor expects. Even with the tutors who aren’t students, the session is still great because they only want what is best for the student. These tutors can help you in any department and will not be satisfied until they know you are comfortable with what you needed help on. They want you to walk out of there with a sense of confidence and relief! Make sure you use this resource! (Located in: building 5 on Bradenton campus; building 400 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

2. Student Services Center:

SSCThis is my go to building for everything! Before I started classes at SCF, I had to make sure I had all the right paper work in. I was in this building for days before my actual semester started. I had to visit finical aid and admissions quit frequently, but they never got tired of seeing my  face and they were very friendly. As the year went on I found myself in this building again, in search of a job at the career resource center. With the  help of the great staff in there, I got this great opportunity as a student intern! I was also in advising a couple of times, to make sure I was selecting the right classes for each semester. They were patient with my  many questions, and I am confident that I am headed in the right direction for graduation and transferring to USF. Also in this building you will be able to find educational records, assessment/testing, international student services, veteran services, disability resource center, cashier and other support functions. (Located in: building 1 on Bradenton campus; building 100 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

3. Library:

LibrarySome people study at home, some study at the beach, but for me, this was my favorite study place. The library is quiet and relaxing, so, this makes it easier for me to focus.  I also think this is a great study spot because every resource you need is right there. From books to online articles, it’s all in the library. This is also a great place to work on group projects. Whatever it is that needs to be done, it can be done in this great spot…the library. :)    (Located in: building 8 North on Bradenton campus; building 300 on Venice campus; Medical Technology and Simulation Center on Lakewood campus)

Please remember, everyone, these resources are here for YOU, so. take advantage of them! Have a great semester. :)

Register Refresher

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break, but for those who are taking fall classes, listen up! The fall semester starts August 24! I hope you have all registered!!!! If not, that’s O.K., but you might not be able to get the professor you really want, so, get on that.

If you find yourself at your computer, ready to sign up and think…”wait, I am not even sure what I’m doing right now, :(  ” that is also O.K. because this blog is here to help! SCF’s Facebook and Twitter page posted this awesome link ( ) that can help with registration. It is about 10 minutes long and carefully guides you through the seemingly difficult, registration process. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. Just make sure you’re not over exceeding your own personal limit. Challenge yourself a little, but not to the point where you’re not able to balance all your classes. Good luck in the summer term everyone! I only wish the best!

how to register for the upcoming semester

Good luck with online registration. Don’t forget, classes start August 24th!!

By the way, if you would like to get updates like these follow SCF on social media through Facebook/State College of Florida  and Twitter/SCFnow.

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